Berkley Life Sciences Launches the Elite Defense Network Helpline

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Elite Defense Network Helpline

Berkley Life Sciences has launched the “Elite Defense Network Helpline”.  This new service, available at no cost, exclusively to our insureds, is meant to assist in answering some of the complicated questions that often arise for our insureds.  Our helpline is available to assist our policyholders before a claim is made.
Life sciences can be a complicated industry. Understanding FDA warnings and the implications of contemplated label changes; interpreting contract/indemnity language; and knowing what to do if you receive a subpoena are just a few examples of the intricacies of our business. Do you ever ask “What should I do now?” or “Who can I talk to for advice?” Our policyholder helpline might just be the answer.

When describing Berkley Life Sciences’ motivation for developing this helpline, Linette Ranieri, Chief Resolution Officer states, “insureds or their brokers would often call us asking a legal question, which did not relate to a reported claim.    Due to our relationships with many law firms, we were often able to connect them with a firm who would be able to help them.  What started as a group of “one-off” referrals grew into a more formalized process that all of our insureds can access, whenever the need arises.  We have collaborated with the members of the Berkley Life Sciences Elite Defense Network in forming this helpline to provide assistance aimed at reducing your risk of litigation, and answer your legal questions related to running your business.  You will receive confidential and timely answers to your life science related legal questions."

Cindy Khin, Life Sciences Casualty Resolution Director, worked with the Elite Network to develop this client resource.  “The response from our network was overwhelmingly positive”, states Cindy.  “Collectively, they are the preeminent thought leaders in their specialties, and they could not have been more enthusiastic about contributing to the success of the industry.”

This resource is not meant to respond to “claims questions”.  In that case, our insured should call the Berkley Life Sciences Claims Department.

Here are some examples (not an exhaustive list) of the type of questions/issues for which the helpline might be suited:

  • A warning letter from the FDA
  • A subpoena you received
  • Product information requests
  • Adverse events
  • FDA Guidance documents
  • Indemnity agreements
  • …..and potentially many others….. call and ask

The process is quick and easy. Call the Elite Defense Network Helpline's toll free phone number (844-470-8777) and provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Company name
  • Insurance policy number
  • Contact information
  • Short description of your consultation needs

Your call will be returned within two business hours. Your assigned Network attorney will offer up to 2 hours of consultative services.

To report a claim, please click here.
Helpline Terms of Use

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