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Berkley Life Sciences utilizes a blended approach to claims management: we complement our Berkley Life Sciences claim managers' expertise with W. R. Berkley claim professionals that have both the knowledge and capacity to manage the full range of life science claims no matter how complex or extensive.

Berkley Life Sciences offers several innovative tools to help our policyholders manage their life sciences businesses.

Elite Defense Network

Our worldwide Elite Defense Network of attorneys were selected specifically for their life science defense specialization; for their superior trial skills; for being results driven; and for their savvy resolution skills. Our lawyers are well networked within the legal, medical and business communities. We will work with you and defense counsel to develop your defense strategy, whether it be an early settlement or a complete trial. Our team is prepared to assist you in reaching your litigation goals.

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Elite Defense Network Helpline

As a Berkley Life Sciences policyholder, you have the added benefit of access to life science industry experts. Berkley Life Sciences has enlisted our Elite Defense Network to offer a free helpline that provides assistance aimed at reducing your risk of litigation. Our insureds will receive confidential and timely answers to your life science related questions.

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We are committed to working to resolve claims quickly and efficiently. Our goal throughout the claims process is to establish and execute a well-considered strategy that will result in the best possible resolution.

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David Bryton David Bryton, J.D. Senior Vice President, Chief Claims Officer
Kimberly Kayiwa, J.D. Assistant Vice President, Claims
Cindy Khin Cindy Khin, CPCU, AIC, ARM, CCMP Life Sciences Casualty Resolution Director
John Swain Assistant Vice President, Claims
Andy Herbert Andy Herbert Assistant Vice President, Claims Manager - Workers' Compensation

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