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Risk Management Resources
Berkley Life Sciences offers a variety of educational resources designed to help our customers manage, control and reduce risks. These resources are educational tools that specialize in workplace safety, occupational health exposures and emergency preparation.

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Ergonomic Solutions
Berkley Life Sciences provides superior worker’s compensation risk management services to our clients. In addition to the expertise in house, we have partnered with Performance Based Ergonomics (PBE). Like Berkley Life Sciences, PBE understands the ergonomic hazards specifically associated with life science companies and have developed resources specific to this industry. Through this partnership, Berkley Life Sciences customers have access to PBE’s online resources, the “Are You Fit 2 Work” series. This online resource is available through this web portal and includes videos and tip sheets on ergonomics and ways to prevent losses.

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FM Global Alliance - Resources
Berkley Life Sciences provides superior property risk management services in part through a strategic alliance with Factory Mutual Global (FM). Through this alliance, Berkley Life Sciences customers have access to a broad range of products, services and technical expertise from the FM Global engineering group. FM Global services available through this web-portal include loss prevention data sheets and loss prevention educational programs.