Elite Defense Network Helpline

Helpline Terms of Use.

Use of Helpline Conditions: Your decision to use the helpline is voluntary. No information shared with an attorney during a helpline call will be shared with Berkley Life Sciences. Berkley Life Sciences does not keep records as to specific individuals or companies utilizing the service or the subject matter of specific calls. However, we do keep certain aggregated records regarding overall use, and may also retain records necessary to ensure that the companies using the helpline are current customers.

The helpline is staffed by independent law firms. These law firms are not affiliates of Berkley Life Sciences or the W. R. Berkley Corporation. The Helpline lawyer responds to inquiries on short notice and outside of the law firm’s normal risk management processes for client intake – i.e., conflicts check, execution of an engagement letter, review of documents and facts, etc. The Helpline Lawyer’s information is thus limited in scope to the time of the consultation.

Disclaimer: We make no representations or warranties regarding the use of the helpline or the advice received. We make no representation that the information provided is applicable or appropriate for any given circumstance, or that the attorney you speak with has the experience or knowledge to answer any particular question. We do not warrant that the advice received via the helpline will place you in compliance with the law, or that the information provided is complete, free from errors or timely. We are therefore not liable for any damages resulting from the use or misuse of this information. You may not delegate any of your legal responsibilities to us.

Given the nature of the limited legal services on the Helpline, the Helpline law firm does not perform any conflicts check before responding to your inquiry. By continuing with this Helpline inquiry, (1) you agree to waive any objections to any present or future representation by the Helpline law firm adverse or potentially adverse to you; and (2) you agree not to seek to disqualify the Helpline law firm from the representation of any other party based on any information shared on the Helpline. Before selecting counsel, users should ask a prospective attorney or law firm to provide information about their qualifications and experience in the applicable jurisdiction. Neither the Helpline Law Firm nor Berkley Life Sciences makes any representations that the information exchanged is applicable or appropriate in any specific jurisdiction.   Calls to the helpline are not intended to, and do not create, an actual or implied contractual attorney-client relationship. You should discuss this with the helpline attorney before proceeding with your question.

Finally, information discussed with a helpline attorney is done anonymously and therefore does not constitute notice of a claim or potential claim. Additionally, you should not use this helpline to submit underwriting information to Berkley Life Sciences or communicate in any way with us. If you believe you have information that constitutes a claim or potential claim, or if you have any information you would like to share with Berkley Life Sciences, please contact us immediately or consult your insurance brokerage professional.