Risk Management Center

The Risk Management Center is a comprehensive Risk Management, Employee Safety, and Compliance Platform.

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The web-based software suite of safety and risk management tools allows you to:

  • Access a best-practices safety library
  • Manage incidents, analyze loss sources, and comply with OSHA reporting requirements
  • Deliver and track employee safety training efficiently and effectively
  • Access HR best-practice templates, training, news alerts, and expert advice
  • Comply with OSHA hazard communication standards
  • Automate safety audits, field inspections, and corrective action reporting
  • Build a behavior-based safety program
  • Manage certificates of insurance to limit liability

For an overview of the Risk Management Center, click here for a free demo.   Access to this system is free to Berkley Life Science policyholders. Registration is required. For more information or to access the Risk Management Center, click the button below.

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