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As a company solely dedicated to the life science industry, Berkley Life Sciences has the in-house claims management and industry experience to address life science claims of all types – whether made in the United States or internationally. Where necessary, we have access to a worldwide network of life science professionals and experts. This combination of in-house expertise and available outside resources enables us to formulate and execute an effective exit strategy – whether this involves negotiating a settlement or defending a case to conclusion.

Claims and Insurance Industry Links
Berkley Life Sciences assembles some of the top claims & insurance industry links available to assist with your general questions. The links include sites such as FDA current news, medical device updates and educational association information.

Federal State Courts & State Insurance Guidelines, Rules & Regulations
Berkley Life Sciences provides important links to state and federal sites that review insurance guidelines as well as their rules and regulations. The links include sites such as the US Supreme Court, the US Department of Labor and Office for Workers Compensation.