Workers Compensation

When employees experience job-related injuries or illnesses, medical expenses and lost wages can be significant.  Berkley Life Sciences offers workers compensation coverage, as well as complementary risk management and claims services focused on assisting life science companies in containing workers compensation costs and returning employees to work.

Online claims information is available on-demand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist policyholders in managing their workers compensation insurance programs.  For additional information about our claims services, please click here.

Berkley Life Sciences offer workers compensation coverage in 46 states, and Employer’s Liability coverage in the monopolistic States (North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, Wyoming).

Features of this coverage include:

  • Pricing flexibility such as aggressively scheduled credits, small deductibles, drug-free credits as allowed by each state.
  • Loss sensitive programs such as dividend plans, deductible plans, paid loss retrospective programs, and negotiated large risk alternative rating options.
  • Return to work program assistance.
  • Safety program assistance.
  • Online safety training.
  • Industrial hygiene and occupational health evaluations.
  • Robust medical provider network.
  • 24 hour online claim reporting.
  • Fraud alerts.


  • “Andy Herbert has exceptional customer service skills! He reached out to our client to handle a concern they had regarding their new medical provider network choices. Although they could have gone to a website and done the research themselves, they were much more comfortable having a discussion with a representative of the insurer with whom they just placed their business.” (broker)
  • “My contact always provides excellent, timely service and we genuinely appreciate his helpful attitude and desire to make sure everything is ok for us.” (insured)

For information regarding our Risk Management Resources, please click here.