General Liability With Products

Broad, seamless protection tailored to meet your needs.

Berkley Life Sciences offers LS Prime®, a comprehensive array of primary liability products, including primary products liability, premises liability, clinical trial liability,  errors and omissions coverage, and more, all in one policy.

As a flexible, scalable product with limits available up to $15,000,000, LS Prime® is easily tailored to meet the range of needs from companies in the preclinical stage to Fortune 1000 companies with numerous products on the market.

With LS Prime®, clients receive broad, seamless protection with no need to worry about plugging coverage gaps and satisfying different claims reporting requirements caused by purchasing multiple policies from separate insurers.

LS Prime® Industry-Leading Features

LS Prime® allows us to respond to traditional liability concerns and emerging issues of increasing importance to Life Sciences companies of all sizes.

Innovative Life Sciences coverages and policy features offered:

  • Clinical trials coverage
  • Designated products
  • Abuse & molestation coverage
  • Biological agents liability
  • Clinical trials medical expense coverage
  • Extended coverage
  • Goods or products in your care, custody or control
  • Claims made coverage
  • Overall policy aggregate
  • Punitive damages
  • Scalable form

LS Prime® Cyber Liability by Berkley Life Sciences

Data sharing of health and other personally protected information is key to the development and deployment of innovative, new life science products.  In addition, companies engaged in cutting-edge medical research often need to access and exchange confidential information subject to strict prohibitions against unauthorized disclosure. For these reasons, it is essential for life science companies to protect themselves against cyber-attacks and other privacy risks.

Berkley Life Sciences recognizes that life science companies require more than standard cyber coverage to manage these unique risks.  LS Prime® offers Enhanced Cyber, Privacy, and Data Protection Coverage, a comprehensive suite of coverage enhancements specifically designed to address the complex cyber-related exposures inherent in a life science company’s research activities and operations.  Coverage includes access to “Breach Counsel” through a 24/7 Hotline so that key data can be protected and risk mitigated before loss becomes catastrophic.

The coverage offers third and first-party protection: 

Third-Party Coverage First-Party Coverage
Data security and privacy liability Data breach response expense
Regulatory liability Ransomware extortion
Cyber media liability Cyber crime
Social engineering
Business interruption
Reputation risk

Cyber, Privacy and Data Protection Coverage Tools and Resources

LS Prime® Product Shortage Coverage

Berkley Life Sciences offers Product Shortage Coverage developed in response to the emerging attempts by plaintiffs' counsel to hold pharmaceutical and medical device companies liable because their drugs, devices or other life science products or components are in short supply.

Third Party Coverage fills a Coverage Gap

Coverage responds to third party product shortage claims alleging injury due to the unavailability or rationing of a life science product.  Traditional products liability policies do not address product shortage loss.  Even though a court may ultimately refuse to sanction a product shortage claim, coverage is available under LS Prime® for the cost of defense.

Unique First Party Expense Coverage also Offered

In addition to the threat of litigation, life science companies often incur significant first party costs to address public concern over a product shortage.  Berkley Life Sciences has created a novel insurance product to reimburse the insured for these first party costs.  This coverage responds to such items as:

  • Responding to the FDA
  • Monitoring customers' health conditions throughout the shortage
  • Locating stolen or counterfeited product