Package, Auto and Workers Compensation – LS Prime®

Broad, seamless protection tailored to meet your needs.

Life sciences firms – from start-up research entities to industry-leading manufacturers and service organizations – will benefit from Berkley Life Sciences’ industry specific expertise and the security of A+ admitted paper.

LS Prime® can address the following lines of business:


Buildings and personal property are critical to your ongoing operations.  Any damage to your buildings, loss to your equipment, stock or valuable papers, or interruption to your research and development activities could be devastating.  LS Prime’s® property insurance is designed to address a wide spectrum of property and income loss scenarios.  Risks could range from the commonplace to industry-specific, including:

  • Loss (including spoilage) of property due to change in the controlled environment in which such property is stored
  • Loss of research materials that can be challenging to value and recreate
  • Production operations which are highly susceptible to contamination
  • Financial exposure stemming from validation and compliance requirements following a loss

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Inland Marine

Loss or damage to valuable hardware, software and property - such as work in progress or finished goods in transit (via ground or by air) – could be costly.  Inland Marine coverage is a critical component to any life science firm’s insurance program.

General Liability

Bodily injury, property damage, personal and advertising injury, and other general liability claims are costly to defend and could result in significant damage awards.  Berkley Life Sciences’ LS Prime® offers coverage for Premises/Operations Liability, Advertising and Personal Injury Liability and Employee Benefits Liability.  Bodily injury and property damage coverage arising out of  products and completed operations exposure is also available as part of the admitted package or as a stand alone product liability policy.

Commercial Automobile

Whether you own a fleet of vehicles or your employees occasionally use their own cars for work, automobile insurance is a critical part of any commercial insurance program.  LS Prime® can be scaled to meet your automobile insurance needs.


Liability claims resulting in multi-million dollar verdicts against life science companies are not unusual.  LS Prime® can add an additional layer of protection to your liability insurance program or help you meet contractual obligations to maintain specified limits of insurance for coverages such as General Liability, Employer’s Liability and Automobile Liability.

Workers Compensation

When employees experience job-related injuries or illnesses, medical expenses and lost wages can be significant. Berkley Life Sciences offers workers compensation coverage - as well as risk management and claims services - all focused exclusively on helping life science companies contain these costs and return employees to work.  On-line claims information is available on-demand, 24-7, to assist policyholders in managing their workers compensation insurance programs.

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Commercial Package

With LS Prime® you can chose to insure a single line of coverage through Berkley Life Sciences, or bundle two or more coverages together as a convenient package.